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Edison provides complete electrical solutions for commercial properties and 优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。, working with reliable distributors to keep up with even the most demanding requirements. Whether renovating a current project or starting fresh from the ground up, we get the job done right.

优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。 SYSTEMS

Our team offers a comprehensive portfolio of 优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。 Services that are tailored for every stage of the electrical system life cycle, from design and build through to installation, maintenance, and support.


We help our clients identify cost-saving opportunities, and we help them design and deploy systems that can help them operate cleaner, better, more efficient, and lower-cost facilities and machine systems.


Drive operational excellence with high-efficiency sensors and wiring that can promote the economical use of energy and enhance safety and monitoring capabilities and improve response times.


Edison provides complete electrical solutions for commercial properties and 优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。 controls, working with reliable distributors to keep up with even the most demanding requirements. Whether renovating a current project or starting fresh from the ground up, we get the job done right.

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Mechanical System Optimization

Aug 23 2021

Learn how to optimize your building’s mechanical system to increase performance

The average electrical bill for commercial businesses in the United States is $647. Location, size of your facility, and type of business can affect electrical costs. There are several things your business can do to reduce costs through mechanical system optimization. If you are building or renovating a commercial building, office, or warehouse, it is an…

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Room Temperature Controls

Aug 4 2021

Installing Room Temperature Controls

Room Temperature Controls Studies have found that indoor room temperature can significantly impact the performance and health of employees. By keeping your facilities at an optimal temperature, employees perceive better air quality, report less sick building syndrome symptoms, enjoy better comfort, and perform better at their jobs. But maintaining an optimal temperature can prove difficult for some…

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Jul 25 2021

Learn Why Cooling Towers With Interlock Wiring Are Essential

If you run a commercial business, you’ll understand the importance of having a cooling tower instead of an HVAC system. Cooling towers with interlock wiring offer significant cost savings because of their efficiency and large load capacity. We’ll examine what cooling towers are, how they can benefit your commercial business, how they compare to HVAC…

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Jul 25 2021

Edison Power and Controls Continues Rapid Growth, Announces Newly Appointed Chief Financial Officer

优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。 controls and electrical systems company Edison Power and Controls welcomes Brandi Ward as its new Chief Financial Officer.  Brandy Station, Virginia—July 6, 2021—Edison Power and Controls®, a leading provider of 优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。 and electrical and mechanical system optimization solutions that deliver robust automated building control solutions for today’s complex building environments, today announced…

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Jul 4 2021

The Best Office Lighting to Improve Productivity

Have you found yourself wondering how office lighting and productivity are linked? Have a look at this guide to learn more about how lighting improves productivity. You might not think that office lighting and productivity are linked. The truth is that how an office is lit affects how well people work. A majority of offices…

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Lighting Controls in 优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。

Jun 6 2021

Lighting Control in Your 优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。 System

Millions of dollars are lost annually in the U.S. because the lighting is left on in unoccupied rooms or overnight in unoccupied buildings. An automated light system can save a company substantially in lighting costs and are an integral part of any 优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。 system. Here we outline some key points to consider when choosing…

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Electrical safety is unique, and a failure to effectively secure workers, workplaces, and equipment can lead to serious losses, ranging from business and operational downtime and higher maintenance costs to bodily injuries and even death. Edison’s skilled electricians are consistently trained on end-to-end safety measures and follow all the necessary safety protocols to secure every aspect of the project.


We build and deploy industry-leading 优化机械系统并为商业物业安装控制装置。, mechanical optimization, and control systems that can help keep your facilities and teams safe, comfortable, and productive. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with a wide range of systems and processes and our Solutions Experts can help you design a system that is custom-built for your budget and use case. With an Edison Power system, you and your teams will have the data and control you need to enjoy cost savings, security, and centralized insight into all building operations.

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